Reconditioned Equipment

The Features you want at a cost you can afford
With our reconditioned copiers, you will experience the benefits of a like-new copier - at a price that is significantly less than new. You will also receive all the amenities of a new machine, such as flexible payment options, a great warranty and quick delivery.

We take great pride in each and every reconditioned copier we sell. From the major components, all the way down to the smallest detail, everything is focused on adding quality and integrity to our reconditioned copiers. By following our detailed reconditioning process, our technicians are able to consistently provide a top-notch reconditioned copier that looks and functions like new. We make sure that when these machines leave our facility they are in perfect working order and are ready to give you many years of reliable service.
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Equipment Rental

Saxon Office Technology offers office equipment rentals including maintenance and supplies on a short-term bases.  We deliver, setup and train your staff on the operation of the equipment.

Don't want to make a long-term purchase or lease decision?  A short-term rental maybe your best solution.

Long-term Leasing

When renting equipment, plan the lease term to be for as long as you want to keep the equipment.  Take in consideration:

  •   How quickly is this technology going to be obsolete?
  •   How many years will the equipment perform with minimal repairs?
  •   Is your business planning for rapid growth?
  •   How often have you replaced your equipment in the past?

Lease terms generally run from 36 to 60 months. If you replace your equipment every three years you should set the lease period for three years.   When in doubt select the longer term.  Almost all leases can be upgraded if needed. The longer the term you set, the lower your monthly rental fee.