The Problem

Most companies can’t tell you how many PCs, Copiers or Multifunctional devices they have and what their costs are.  Yet while printers have a high operating cost, many companies are in the dark about the number of units they have, how they are used, and their cost of operation.

Take Charge with our Print Management Program

We will start with a comprehensive assessment of the current state of your printer equipment and utilization.  We will look at page volumes, supply cost and service cost data.  We will also talk with the users of your printers and MFP’s  to look for bottle-necks and areas currently negatively impacting workflow.

Once we have collected and analyzed all of the data, we will make our recommendation.  By tracking your print volumes and searching out inefficiencies, we will be able to make recommendations that could not only provide a significant savings but also the amount of time your IT and Purchasing staff spend on print management.

The most common source of the savings is in consolidation of equipment.  As new printers are added often times older units are redeployed or kept for redundancy.  Older printers have a higher supply cost than newer units and are more expensive to repair.  Newer printers and multi-functional devices are faster than older units, allowing more users per device without long wait times for output.  Also introducing multifunctional devices with scanning can help eliminate unnecessary print output and associated cost.

Our Managed Document Print Services includes management of your existing fleet and any new equipment, along with on-site service support and training as well as remote monitoring of supplies so we can automatically send toner and other supplies before you run out.  We provide a transparent, easy to understand program that will allow you take control of your printer fleet and overall print costs.

Our Print Management Program Offers:

  • Set costs - no more guess work.
  • A single invoice to cut down on administrative cost and time.
  • One source for supplies and service, freeing up your people for other important tasks.
  • Ongoing assessments of your fleet to continue to optimize your technology and cost efficiencies.