Document Management


Enhance your printer and MFP performance with Kyocera Solutions!

Kyocera is committed to providing solutions designed to seamlessly integrate with its award-winning printers and MFPs. These solutions, developed by Kyocera or a third-party solution provider, allow your business to optimize your hardware investment to best suit your needs, today and tomorrow.

Kyocera’s HyPAS (Hybrid Platform for Advanced Solutions), a powerful and scalable software solution platform, optimizes the performance of Kyocera’s award-winning MFPs through custom, integrated software applications that are designed to meet and exceed users specific document imaging needs. HyPAS will transform your Kyocera MFP into a resource designed to evolve as your business evolves – resulting in enhanced information sharing, resource optimization and an improved pre-existing, as well as future document workflows.

Document Creation & Output

The ability to create, store and call forms from a compact flash card or from the device HDD allows your customers to improve on their overall Return On Investment (ROI), and save on business resources, such as network bandwidth, storage space and other costs, such as the inventory management associated with preprinted forms.

PDF Direct Printing
Kyocera's PDF Direct Print software utility allows users to send PDF (Portable Document Format) files directly to a printer without the need to open the file in Adobe Acrobat or Acrobat Reader and print using a conventional print driver. 

USB Host Printing
The innovative USB Host Printing is a feature that will be a benefit to Performance, Ease of Use or Security. When printing PDF documents the user simply plugs in their USB flash drive into the USB Host Interface located directly on the right side of the Control Panel on select Kyocera Multifunctional Products (MFPs). The Removable Memory Box feature will then display all the PDF files located on the root of the USB flash drive. The user can then select the PDF document and the desired document/page attributes such as duplex and finishing when printing the PDF document from the USB flash drive. Since the PDF file prints directly from the USB flash drive to the MFP, there is no residual data that remains on the MFP, assuring that any PDF document that is printed remains secure and confidential.

Document Management


Powered by AutoStore, KYOcapture is a full-service document capture software for companies that want to better manage their paper and electronic documents while improving productivity, security and compliance. KYOcapture is ideal for the distributed capture environment, improving workplace productivities while minimizing processing time, courier costs and storage space.

KYOcapture Express:
KYOcapture Express is a simplified document capture workflow solution designed for small to medium sized business which integrates with select Kyocera MFPs allowing users to capture documents, index & OCR for full text search capabilities directly from the MFP.

KYOcapture Workflow:
KYOcapture is a comprehensive document capture workflow solution designed to satisfy more complex document capture needs. It integrates with select Kyocera MFPs allowing users to capture documents, index, directly from the MFP. A variety of processing and routing options are available, connecting major document management systems such as IBM Content Manager and Interwoven NT/MP.

Scanning Solutions
As corporations focus on improving efficiency and productivity, both document and content management have become major issues. A significant amount of information still resides on paper. The ability to incorporate paper-based documents into a company’s knowledge base has always been a challenge. Kyocera Multifunctional Products (MFPs) address this challenge with standard scan and send capabilities that allow users to deliver documents to multiple destinations, including e-mail addresses, FTP destinations, network folders and facsimile devices. Black and white TIFFs or PDFs, as well as color JPEGs, TIFFs or PDFs (depending on the Kyocera MFP), can be sent quickly and securely .